Expanding Our Mission

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I apologize for that. I have been spinning in circles as of late. So to continue on with the last post I made we are looking to expand our mission this year. Our hope is to not only to continue sending stuffed animals to children who have suffered trauma through illness, accident, abuse and neglect but we are also looking to help families who are currently battling pediatric cancer with a focus on DIPG families but always helping families of all pediatric cancer.

If you know of a family that could use some help please send them our way. We are still fundraising and you can use help through the links below but if you know of a family who could use help with gas to get back and forth to treatments, especially now gas prices are through the roof, imagine putting gas in your tank when you have had to make the choice to stay home to care for your terminally ill child, meals for parents while they are staying in hospitals with their children and want something different then the hospital food or snacks or as always a stuffed animal/doll sent to their warrior. Or maybe a family who is in hospice and need a meal delivered to their home so there’s one less thing they have to do today. Or some other special something their warrior wants to make their fight a little easier, please send them our way or give us a way to contact mom or dad.

Whatever the need is, we are small but we will find a way to help.



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