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To donate stuffed animals to us hit the link below and order from our Amazon wish list from the comfort of your own home

250,000 children enter foster care every year in the United States. They enter this system afraid, alone and with nothing that belongs to them. Most only have the clothes on their backs. Help us make Christmas a little brighter for these children by participating on our online auction beginning November 25th at noon through November 27th at noon. Be a child’s reason to smile.

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Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept standard cash and check donations at all of our locations.


We are currently seeking someone to help with event planning who may be willing to volunteer some time to us. Lets discuss it.


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Planning An Event

Hello We are planning an event in the summer and could use some help from someone who has event planning skills. We are a small non-profit so $ is tight for us. Maybe someone who has some time to volunteer. Anyone know anyone that fits that description, yes I know my ask is big, could…

Expanding Our Mission

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I apologize for that. I have been spinning in circles as of late. So to continue on with the last post I made we are looking to expand our mission this year. Our hope is to not only to continue sending stuffed animals to children who have suffered trauma…

Autocar In Hagerstown Indiana

Yesterday I received a video that announced a $1500 donation from an employee who the company gave $1500 to her to donate to any charity that she chose annnnnnnnddd……she chose to donate that $1500 to Annabelle’s Dolls of Love. You can watch the video below. One of the things we don’t always think about when…

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Lori Samms President
Belinda Johnson Secretary
Veronica Sirni Treasurer

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