Autocar In Hagerstown Indiana

Yesterday I received a video that announced a $1500 donation from an employee who the company gave $1500 to her to donate to any charity that she chose annnnnnnnddd……she chose to donate that $1500 to Annabelle’s Dolls of Love. You can watch the video below.

One of the things we don’t always think about when where to spend our charitable dollars every year is who will make the most of my $. People tend to lean towards the bigger charities and foundations. Although that is amazing as they are able to reach bigger audiences, the smaller non-profits like ours has more impact in the communities where they operate and $ like $1500 has a major and even critical impact to our ability to reach the most vulnerable in our communities.

To add even more sugar on top, the employee who won this Employee recognition, I found out this am, has added another $500 to the $1500 company sponsored donation, of her own money for a whopping total of $2000 donated. To us, this amount of money is indeed whopping. We are grateful, thankful and overjoyed for this donation. This donation can carry us 3-4 months, possibly longer, maintaining our current rate of donations to children. This donation is giving us the opportunity to do so much more than we could have over this first qtr of 2022.

That’s the impact your donation dollars has to smaller non-profits. We have no overhead. I run it out of my house and due to lack of space in my own house, Veronica, our treasurer, holds our stuffed animal inventory. So we have no monthly bills. Only the costs of giving to the children who deserve, in the midst of their battles, light, joy and peace.

Autocar Donation Announcement

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