The Holiday’s Are Upon Us

What a beautiful day it is in Indiana. Thought I’d jump on here and talk about our upcoming Auction coming in just 9 days. We are having the auction as a fundraiser to be able to put together Christmas boxes for a donation to our local, Wayne County Indiana DCS.

DCS, department of children’s services, and they are responsible for saving children from environments of child abuse and neglect. The children who are removed often don’t have anything other than the clothes on their backs. Some come out without shoes or a warm coat. Our goal is to be able to put together 20-30 boxes but we will definitely do more if we are able.

These boxes will include:

Stuffed animal, toy, hygiene items, pair of pajamas, an outfit, socks, underwear, their own personal cup, hair ties and hair bows and a children’s bible. So, if you would rather forego the auction and donate to the boxes please reach out to us and we will work with you on how to do that as well. Milton Christian church is also taking in donations for this auction of those items that are needed.

We still have need for items for auction or if you’d rather do a cash donation you can do that right here on Annabelle’s Dolls of

All items donated, funds donated and funds made from the auction will be used for the DCS donation.

Here is the link again for the auction:

Thank you for your support

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