Holiday Auction Fundraiser

We are still in need of auction items for our Holiday Auction being held noon of Thanksgiving Day to noon on the 27th. So far we have 2 baskets and one other donation to go towards the building of a basket.

If anyone would like to assist us with basket items or singular items to donate, if you are in the area, please message us on our Facebook page, Annabelle’s Dolls of Love LTD. If there is anyone outside of our area who would like to help us be able to buy items you can donate right from our website.

We are raising funds through our Auction to allow us to put together Christmas Boxes for our local DCS office. Children going into the foster care system often start that journey with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Many times without shoes, jackets, or even a pair of pajamas for that first night in their foster home. We hope to be able, God willing, 20-30 Christmas boxes to these children who have already suffered significant trauma in their short lives. “Be a child’s reason to smile” today.

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