Halloween is coming soon and Annabelle’s Dolls of Love is celebrating by making up goodie bags for the neighborhood trick or treaters. We have put together 125 treat bags with teddy bears in an array of colors and another 125 bags with rings, squishies, necklaces and light up arm bands. Of course, no worries, there is candy in all of them as well.

If you’re in our neighborhood come buy for a goodie bag. Halloween was one of Annabelle’s favorite celebrations. It was the kickoff to the holiday season. She would start picking out her costume in July. (It would change several times by the time Halloween came) She loved going out and trick or treating. Annabelle’s last Halloween it was snowing and windy and oh so cold and her and her brother Ayden were in winter coats. She had finished radiation, had been to Disney world, and at this point she was beginning to walk pretty well again, but she would tire easily. So we had her stroller and when she got tired she could sit in there and cover up with a big blanket. The stroller was huge so both her and her brother could comfortably sit in it.

She was never greedy about Halloween. She’d go to a few houses and then would say, “Granny, I have enough. Let’s go home now”. This time of year is incredibly difficult for us. We will honor her memory by doing those things she always loved.

Thanks to everyone for your support in this next part of our journey.

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