Holiday Auction

We have had one donor reach out and donate to us a gift basket for our auction coming soon for the holidays. We are thankful for this donation and for the support shown to us from Bend Soap Company.

We are still in need of gift basket items. Anything will be appreciated. There is no gift or donation too small for us. We don’t look for greatness and grandeur. We aren’t seeking to be huge or financially secure. We only look to have what we need, when we need, to give to those who need it.

This fundraiser will be used to spread Christmas joy to many children who are and will be struggling this Holiday season. Be a child’s reason to smile today and always. Even if you don’t donate to this charity, please help where you can whether it’s through research, providing a meal to a family in need, a gift at Christmas to a child who has very little or spending your time volunteering for a cause that is close to your heart. It only takes one little step, one little acknowledgment of a person who is desperate and needs hope and compassion to change the world in another’s eyes.

Much love to you all from Annabelle’s Dolls of Love.

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