WELCOME to Our Website Launch

Welcome to Annabelle’s Dolls of Love. We are a non-profit charity in the state of Indiana, 501 (c) (3) organization. We donate stuffed animals to children around the world who have suffered trauma due to illness, accident, abuse, neglect and disabilities. Our goal is to reach every child, in every corner of the world who need compassion, care and the knowledge that they are loved and supported.

Stuffed animals have been proven scientifically to lower a child’s stress and anxiety response. To lower the intensity of pain through distracting the child from the pain. They provide comfort and security and a much needed friend in times of stress. They allow a child to hold on to something when there is nothing else to hold on to.

All donations go towards the purchase of stuffed animals and dolls, shipping costs and to DIPG research. Invite your friends to come take a look. Support us in any way you can which can be something as simple as spreading the word.

We have some exciting things planned for the holiday’s and we hope that you will join us. We will announce those things through here and you can also follow our Facebook page, Annabelle’s Dolls of Love to learn more about our mission.

This organization was created in memory of Annabelle Carpenter, my granddaughter. Annabelle was 6 when she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, DIPG/DMG. Annabelle fought with bravery, with grace and with an unending peace for 9 months and 5 days. DIPG is a horrific disease that takes everything from the patient. It is located in the Pons part of the brain that controls all critical life functions. Walking, writing, sight, hearing, chewing, swallowing, urinary and bowels, speech, breathing and heartbeat. It slowly takes these things away but leaves in tact the cognitive part of the brain. So while the child loses all these life functions, the child is always aware of every loss, every pain, every struggle. Right now, pediatric cancer only receives 3.8% of the federal budget for cancer research. Which means DIPG, often labeled as rare which is an injustice in and of itself, receives .005% of that funding. All research is funded by patients and angels families. Supporting the foundations that support the research and the children fighting battles no child should even be aware of much less fight.

We need your help, not only for our mission of stuffed animals, but to support research into this most deadly disease, DIPG/DMG. Thank you!!


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